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How do I create a party?

Click the top right button of two beers located on the home screen. 

Can I create more than one party?

Yes, plan for the weekend ahead if you are planning to throw a party! Just  try not to overlap parties since it will be hard to host 2 events at the same  time.

Can you have multiple hosts for one party?

Coming soon! We want Hosts to be able to host events and share the points with your friends if it's a big event!

Do you have to put in start and end time?

Yes! Please fill out all the entire Create a Party screen in order for us to put  you on the home screen.

Can you create a party with no details?

Yes, but thats no fun! Fill out the details to inform future attendees of what  to expect at the party! Will there be a keg? Is it BYOB? Will there be free  food?! This is all important information for a guest to attend!

When I create a party it shows the wrong address?

Make sure your location services are active! We will pull your current  location to make creating a party a lot easier. If the party is being hosted at  your house and you are in class, please select the correct full address from  the address selector! 

Can I advertise my party through the app?

Every party created within Parti is advertised to people within a “x” mile  radius.

How many parties can you attend?

As many as you would like! But it will be hard to attend multiple parties that  are around the same time.

Can I create a future party?

Yes, just set the time and date when you create the party for the time and  date you wish to host that party!

Why wont my location show on the maps?

If you party isn’t showing up on the map, make sure you input your  address correctly.

Why wont my party pop up on the maps screen?

Make sure you input the complete full address of the event you are wishing  to create.

Can you copy the address of the party to maps?

When you create the party, the party will automatically appear in the maps. You will be able to click on it and navigate.

How can I follow someone?

Go to the discover screen search a user or navigate to a users profile  screen and follow them there.

Can I search for friends?

Search within the Discover screen to find new friends or search your  current friends.

How can I message someone I am not friends with?

Make sure you follow the person you wish to message! 

My point system is not working?

Please contact, we will be happy to review your  account!

How can I get unbanned from using Parti?

Please submit an appeal to your ban via